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Professional drum sheet music for your lessons

The books are a complete system for learning to play drums

Teacher licence

For drum teachers who work with the books in class.
Perfectly suited for drum lessons
Reproduction and distribution to own students
Clear concept and structure with the curriculum
No effort for the creation of sheet music material
No subscription - for the license the fee is paid only once
The licence is valid for an unlimited period

There are no subscriptions with us - all licences are one-off payments and valid indefinitely!

Brand licence

For drum teachers and schools with individual branding of the books.

All pretele of the teacher licence plus

Branding of the books with your logo/brand on the covers and in the footer
You can multiply the branded books yourself and sell them to your students
Can be used by all teachers at the school
Delivery in print-ready PDF format
No subscription - the fee for the licence is only paid once
The licence is valid for an unlimited period

Our licences

Stay fair - with the licences against piracy and for the appreciation of the works!


Private individuals
0 € /incl.
no further payment
Private use
E-Book edition incl.
Audio tracks & bonus videos
Valid indefinitely
No copying
No sharing with pupils


Drums and music teacher
179 € /book
One time payment
For drums and music teachers
Sharing with pupils allowed
Valid for one licensee
Valid indefinitely
No commercial use
No branding


Teachers and schools
499 € /book
One time paymen
Teachers and schools
own branding
Valid for all teachers in a school
Fast delivery of the e-books
Quick support for questions
Commercial use possible
Valid indefinitely

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