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Rudiment Cards


NEW! Rudiment Cards - flash cards for drummers
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Learning Rudiments with fun and creativity

Improve your technique and expand your repertoire. Learning Rudiments will help you become a better drummer!

Turn over cards

On the front is the name and the category, on the back the notation of the Rudiment. Turning the card over is a simple and very good way to learn the Rudiments.

Practice Rudiments

Cards can be practised individually or, for example, divided into stacks (I can and I can't yet). The Rudiments are also practical for on the road. So I can pull them out and practise them at any suitable occasion.


The 50 cards can be placed in any number and order. This creates exciting solos and an infinite number of possible combinations.

What Drummers say about the Rudiment Cards

schlagabtausch podcast
Recommendation of the week - Schlagabtausch Podcast
"I really enjoyed it, the idea is funny...great gadget with an educational mission!" Dirk Brand
Spotify Folge #67
Michael Schack
"It's a genius idea : rudiment practice is becoming fun again!"
Wolfram Kellner
"Hurdles are overcome in a playful way with the help of a high-quality product that you simply love to touch.
A beautiful implementation of a great idea and an enrichment for my lessons."
Sandra Schorer
"If you really want to learn the basics, the cards are a very good solution and very varied! Everything is at hand, I can use them in different ways and take them everywhere. A very good tool for learning."
Groove Art Schlagzeugschule
Jochen Weigand
"It is often difficult (especially at the beginning) to find an approach to the rudiments. Here it's playful and offers different ways to learn, practice and have fun - even without devices and apps!"
Ferran Alemany
Mission Rudiments go! Highly recommended!

NEW - Rudiment Cards 2nd Edition with QR Codes and Video

With the 2nd edition, we further improved the cards! Each card now has an individual QR code. This leads to a YouTube video where you can watch how the Rudiment sounds and is played.

The instructions have also been expanded and now include a legend page. The most important signs and symbols are explained. This makes it even easier to get started, especially for beginners.

The cards are a great innovation and unique worldwide! The second edition is now available from 360 Drums.

We ship quickly within two working days. We deliver worldwide as Warenpost (merchandise mail premium with tracking) with DHL.

The shipping costs to all countries can be found here.

Why learn Rudiments?

Everything you play on the drums exists as a Rudiment. You can think of it as the alphabet: The better you master it, the better you can express yourself.

Because words are created from letters, sentences from words and they finally become stories. Rudiments are therefore the fundamental basis for every drummer.

They also improve technique, coordination and control on the drum set.

When you learn how to play Rudiments you get better and expand your repertoire!

The advantages of the Rudiments Cards

  • Unique learning effect due to the design with the name of the Rudiment on the front and the notation on the back
  • Practising gets a clear structure and is more fun than just dry reading from the page
  • Unlimited creative potential by laying out combinations and solos
  • Each card has a QR Code with video link
  • Great playing possibilities also for two or more drummers
  • Also a great enrichment for drum lessons that brings fun and loosening up
  • Small, handy and practical: the cards are also perfect for travelling


  • 50 flash cards in 7 x 12 cm format for learning rudiments
  • The 50 cards contain the 40 Standard Rudiments + 5 Hybrid and 5 Special Rudiments
  • Recommended for students and adults from 9 - 99 years of age
  • Practice & Playing Tips instructions in English, German and Spanish
  • Dimensions of packaging 10 x 13 x 2,5 cm (width x height x depth)
  • Dimensions cards 7 x 12 cm (width x height)
  • Weight 160g
  • The cards are sustainably produced in Germany!
  • The Rudiment Cards were developed and designed by RC Schneider




You are a drum teacher?

And would you like to personally recommend the cards to students? For all teachers who want to use the Rudiment Cards in the classroom, we have special offers and promotions. Just write us if you are interested and we will discuss the details.
360 Drums
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11 reviews for Rudiment Cards

  1. Daniel B.

    These cards seem great for any level player. You can tell a lot of thought went into these and it shows. They also shipped relatively quickly considering I'm in the US. I look forward to doing more business with 360drums. I'm also suggesting these as a Christmas gift for my nephew who's just starting out. Thanks again!

    Verified purchase. More information

    • RC Schneider

      Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it very much!

  2. Graff Martin

    Verified purchase. More information

  3. Enrico Del Pezzo

    Delivered on time, fun to use, excellent stimulus to practice technique in a fun way. Also useful for use in education!

    Verified purchase. More information

  4. Sbrolli Alessio

    Verified purchase. More information

  5. Nicola

    It's a wonderful product and I's giving me a great learning experience with fun

    Verified purchase. More information

  6. Guillaume R.

    decouverte de nouveaux rudiments, ludiques et pratiques ! à emporter partout !

    Verified purchase. More information

  7. Miguel Marques

    Super Fun Idea, congratulations!

    Verified purchase. More information

  8. Anonymous

    Rudiment Cards arrived quickly.

    Verified purchase. More information

  9. LUIS marti ANGULO


    Verified purchase. More information

  10. Tracey D.

    I have a drumming class and we were very excited to start with card #1. Can't wait to see how well WE develop. B.A.N.G.!!! B.A.N.G.!!!! Believe And Neva Give up! The up is silent for staying away from negative things, people and energies!!!! 💥💥🙏🏾😊♥️

    Verified purchase. More information

  11. Marcelo Frings

    Loved the format. A nice carrying case would be nice to have if offered as an optional extra

    Verified purchase. More information

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